Q & A with Florent Sinama Pongolle

I spoke to ex Liverpool and Champions League winner Florent Sinama Pongolle and asked him a few questions.

European Football - UEFA Champions League - Group A Matchday 6 - Liverpool FC v Olympiakos

Who was your football hero growing up?

My football hero growing up was Hristo Stoitchkov.


How did it feel signing for Liverpool at such a young age?

I felt very proud and realised how special it was that I will be playing at Anfield.


Can you describe the feeling of scoring your first goal for Liverpool at Anfield?

To be honest, I didn’t have just one feeling particularly but many kind of crazy emotions like intense, wild, emotional…

Football - F.A. Barclays Premiership - Manchester United v Liverpool

What was the biggest change for you personally when Rafa took over from Houllier?

Well, with Rafa taking over it was definitely the tactical part and how he was trying to have a plan that changed every game to keep you aware.

Soccer - FA Barclaycard Premiership - Liverpool Training

Knowing you had to beat Olympiakos to get through to the next round of the Champions League, what did Rafa Benitez say at half time?

Not much as he never put any pressure on me. As a professional you already know the circumstances of the situation! So just enjoy and bring us this freshness that we need.


You were a massive part of Liverpool winning the FA Cup in 2005–06 after scoring a brace against Luton Town, would you say that was your best game as a Liverpool player and why?

The Luton game was huge but I guess my best game would be Spurs in the Carling Cup with a such young squad on that day.


Best moment in your footballing career?

The 1st goal in my professional debut and the Olympiacos game…

Obviously, the Champions League title also.

Norwich City v Liverpool

Best players you have played with in your career?

Gregory Coupet, Abidal, Zouma, Gerrard, Aguero and Cazorla.

European Football - UEFA Champions League - Group A Matchday 6 - Liverpool FC v Olympiakos

Finally, thoughts on the current Liverpool team?

The current Liverpool team are a family with a bunch of players who are full of confidence that their great manager is giving to them. Yes they are talented, yes they work hard but from my point of view the key is the relationship between all of them. From the chef, kit man and Jürgen! I love the spirit. 


Thank you to Florent Sinama Pongolle for taking his time to answer the questions and I hope you enjoyed the article.

Follow Florent on Twitter @sinamapongolle4

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