Q & A with John Arne Riise

I spoke to ex Liverpool, Roma and Fulham player John Arne Riise and asked him a few questions.

Do you miss playing football, and in general Liverpool?  

I really miss football, and especially playing for LFC. My best moments in my career was at Liverpool. Loved my time there. Although I miss football I was ready to do something else. I am happy that I could decide myself when to hang up my boots and not be forced to do it because of injury, although I still feel I could have done a great job.


One of my favourite Riise goals. (LFCTV)

What do you miss the most about playing at Anfield? 

Everything. From the moment you arrive at the stadium before the game. Dressing room. The atmosphere. The Anfield sign. The stewards. Fans. The anthem YNWA.

So basically everything!


What was your favourite goal you scored for Liverpool? 

I was lucky to score a few nice ones, but the United free kick was a big one for me.


Best moment in your footballing career?

Easy, 2005 Champions League.


Best player you have played with in your career?

I played with some great players, but the most complete player who had it all was Stevie G.


5 a side of players you have played with?

Reina, Carragher, Alonso, Gerrard, Totti.


As a left back, what are your thoughts on Alberto Moreno and Andy Robertson? 

Happy for Moreno this pre-season and start of the season. Getting his confidence back. Still things to improve though. Especially defensively, when to go forward and when to stay back. Position play. Robertson looks good. Still young and a lot to learn as well.


Finally, what do you think Liverpool can achieve this season? 

I am hoping for a trophy, but it will be hard. The title is going to be very difficult. I was surprised we did not buy a CB. We really struggle there and I feel the defensive problems will cost us games and points. I am excited for the CL again though!


Thank you John for giving my some of your time and answering my questions. All the best in the future and I hope to see you as Liverpool ambassador very soon!

Written by Vilson Beiqi

Proof of authenticity:

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